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	 mountain arts gallery artwork by Teri Sodd and more...Teri Sodd
Art3Gallery ArtistsPotteryHome & GiftsRUIDOSO RIGHT NOW.Feb. 27 - "Wonderful
Town" -Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts - 8pm - This glorious musical
is the winner of the 2004 Tony Awards for Best Choreography. A story of two
sisters who make it to the Big Apple, bursting with dreams of making it big.
Info - 505-336-4800 or www.ruidoso.net/spencerMarch 3 - "Vienna Boys Choir"
- Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts - 8pm - Singing a repertoire
that's apt to Include Amazing Grace, Ave Maria and Edelweiss, the Vienna
Boys Choir is a legendary institution dating back to 1498. Get ready to be
seized by the total force of their sweet harmonies. Info - 505-336-4800 or
www.ruidoso.net/spencerSki Apache is sporting a 68-inch base and excellent
ski conditions as we approach this March.So regardless when you take your
break this Spring the mountain will be
ready!www.skiapachesnowreport.comPottery Art & SculptureGift Cards 	
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